Whispers of the Soul 
Whispers of the Soul calls you to yourself - when listened to, your heart will take flight, when acted upon your heart wings soar leading you to a joyful and sustainable life.  Welcome!

Enjoy these resources for following your unique life purpose. 
Meet guide, Healer, Teacher & Storyteller, Coleen Renee, CSH. She delights in helping you find your purpose and joy.

Your soul is calling you to your purpose.  It's loving whispers ask you to...

"Follow your heart.. Listen to your divine desires.. Be of service.. Love.. Make a difference.. Live your purpose."

 These are the cries of the soul - the spirit within you - seeking balance and wholeness.

If You're Hearing These Whispers, Know that You Can Learn to:

the whispers of your soul in your everyday life
Interpret the messages of your soul through trust and intuition.
Answer the whispers of your soul through considered and joyful action.

Coleen Renee, CSH can help!


Coleen went through her own dark day of the soul when she realized she was not living her own life. A dive towards deep depression made her realize she was living in other people's expectations.  The time came for change. She needed to step through the portal and walk into her own passions and knowing - her own life. Through her own personal work, she has learned to recognize when her soul is calling to her, interpret its messages and take action that moves her into greater joy and prosperity.

Whispers of the soul do just that. They nudge us and they entice us to partake in the joy that is our very purpose. They speak to our longing to create healthy relationships, heal physical pain, and maintain emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health.

We live in exciting times - uncomfortable perhaps, but exciting. Doing things the way we have always done them (as individuals, communities, countries, corporations) simply doesn't work anymore. These ways are not sustainable and we're seeing their true cost
and the invitation and opportunity to change how we do things.

The call to fully embody our dreams comes to us with an intensity that we can no longer deny. To answer that call inspires us beyond measure.  It makes us feel powerful, awestruck and blessed.

 Coleen Renee, CSH is a powerful and compassionate guide and ally
on the path to empowerment and sacred purpose.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
~ Anais Nin

Coleen Renee works in person, on the phone and in classrooms.  She works with individuals, partners, families, small businesses, corporations and communities to help them identify and interpret the whispers of their soul.  An excellent trainer and workshop facilitator, Coleen uses interactive and engaging techniques helping participants to understand and integrate profound and life-changing information.  To find out more, contact Coleen at 509-312-0220 or by email or visit her at

This wonderful book by Sobonfu Somé brought me great comfort and inspiration. 

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