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In the Silence,
Hidden in the Darkest Days,
In Sweet Moments of Joy,
In Your Deepest Longings,
Beneath Your Secret Dreams,
In the Spaces Between Everything Else,
In the Stories of Your Heart ...

Lie the Whispers of the Soul

They beckon you. Listen well, for this is your own truth and inner wisdom calling you home to purpose, home to joy, home to all you dream.


Here you will find tools and inspiration. 
Meet guide, Healer, Teacher & Storyteller, Coleen Renee, CSH. 
Connect with resources to support your unique journey.

C. Rhalena Renee -Teacher, Intuitive, Certified Spiritual Healer, Storyteller, Musician, Psychic Consultant and Writer - has followed the whispers of her soul to her life's work and joy. Whether with individual clients, in circles, workshops or community celebrations, Lena brings her playful spirit

"Coleen's work is grandly amazing. She provides pure, devoted, valuable and authentic steps towards healing. Coleen is a courageous and inventive force for change and she will bring the same to you in your sessions" ~ Robert Wade

 "Coleen was my first spiritual teacher teaching me the ways of Reiki, energy medicine and body mind listening. She is a woman of power and endless compassion for humanity, and our mother earth. I recommend her highly as a professional, a teacher and your healer."  ~ T. Raven Meyers

How often do you feel pulled to do something, something that excites you, interests you, grabs you by the heart?

How often do you put that off to meet the needs of others?

Do you find yourself thinking it's just for you and that's probably selfish?

What if it's the Whispers of your soul? What if it's something that will make you happier, healthier, more complete? And what if you find that stepping into these callings, these desires energizes you and makes you much more available to do the work you are meant to do in the world?

Let's get SELF-i.s.h.!

It's time to take a whole new look at being selfish.  -ish means to be like. Selfish means to be like self. How can you not allow yourself this privilege? How can you deny the divinity within you by denying these whispers of the soul? They will take you home to your truest and most authentic self.

SELF - In Search of Home

Reclaim the magic of your gifts, desires and divine nature.

Let them fuel your life and purpose!



Deeply compassionate bodywork, energywork, sound & spiritual healing.

Circle Work


Sacred space for sharing story, sounding, healing and exploring our unique wisdom.

deep compassion and practical nature to guide and encourage each person to find and celebrate their own unique path.She understands the great need for our stories to be heard, our hearts to be shared and our lives to be witnessed. Her 28 years of experience and love for her work make her adept at facilitating healing, workshops, circles and rites of passage. C. Rhalena Renee brilliantly weaves the practical with the heart and magic of life.

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Connecting you with resources for your journey to self.